The Jesters Matchstick


Short Staff/Baton for training drills and sparring

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Batons or short staffs are shown in many tratises including Fiore de’i Libri and many others. This weighted Baton sports very interesting dynamic properties due to it’s point of balance beeing shifted towards the tip by a hidden steel weight. Said tip is protected by a 45 mm rubber blunt so you can poke your friends in sparring without hesitation. Beeing made from beautiful ash wood it’s not only strong but also quite a looker! The surface of the wood is polished with boiled linseed oil, which gives gentle sheen and maintains the weapon in a great condition. It is advised to oil the wooden training weapons every now and then to make sure they stay in great shape.

This Weapon is the perfect tool for your solo drills or to spice up you sparring, by opening a complete new realm of possible movements. It also pairs well with the Wooden Dussacks


Overall length: 108 cm
Diameter-Wood (Octagonal): 30 mm
Diameter-Rubber tip: 45 mm
Point of Balance: 60 cm from Handle end
Weight: ~680g

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