GOAT – Mair Training Sickle

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Unique blunt sickle for sparring & drills

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This Article is part of the GOAT-Sale and discounted due to minor imperfections. Please take the necessary information from the pictures and the article description. Please be aware, that items from the GOAT-Sale can not be returned!

Although sickle is still a niche weapon in HEMA, it has been rapidly gaining on popularity. This training weapon has been developed for sickle enthusiast all over the world, to go through plays of the German fencing master, Paulus Hector Mair.

The sickle’s blades are CNC-machined out of high-strength aluminum while the grip is made of beautiful ash wood, pinned with brass rivets. On the inside, the blade protrudes to add protection to your fingers and to prevent your hand from sliding.

This particular Sickle has a small trough in the balde where I accidently ran the wrong program. Other than that, the item is fine.


Overall length: 35 cm
Blade length: 21 cm
Handle length: 14.5 cm
Blade width at the base: 4 cm
Blade thickness: 6 mm
Point of Balance: 6 cm from the hilt
Weight: ~295 g

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