Special order

Manufacturing pieces for the shop is taking up quite a bit of time however I still like to mix things up a bit. Therefore I also offer you:

Custom orders

You’d like to get a weapon or a trainer that’s not yet placed in my shop? Maybe the available weapons don’t fully match your style of fencing due to their dynamic balance or weight? Or do you have a weapon that needs a scabbard?

Here are the things I can offer you on demand:

  • Replicas
  • Tailored to your needs training tools
  • Scabbards for daggers and swords
  • Shields

If you need something custom, then don’t hesitate to contact me via mail to info@jesterofblades.de and let me know what your wishes are.

I will get back to you and we will discuss the details of your perfect blade!

Repairs and adjustments

Does your weapon need a little love? Maybe the grip is worn and you need a new one? I can rewrap your hilt, change the fit and form of the handle, or even exchange the pommel to fit your needs. Together we can tailor the weapon to your combat needs. You can contact me via mail to info@jesterofblades.de and we’ll work out all the details together.