Patrick - Founder and CEO of Jester of Blades
Patrick – Founder and CEO of Jester of Blades

Jester of Blades is a brand developed from love and passion for bladesmithing and history.

The dream started at the age of 12, when I first was constructing weapons in my parents’ basement. The first projects revolved around recreating famous weapons from computer games I liked to play at the time, but soon enough the work leaned more towards historical resources.

I proceeded to study mechanical engineering where I lost sight of handcraft a bit. Now however I use my engineering knowledge in my workshop to create weapons I am proud to use myself. As a HEMAist myself, I understand the needs and wishes of historical fencers. So I only deliver products I tests myself while teaching at a German club, Kämpfen Entdecken.

In the shop, you will find unique training weapons for your HEMA practise: aluminium sickles, daggers and dussacks made of wood or leather & aluminium (customer favourite!). Also there is a line of unique HEMA themed Keyfobs.

In future, I plan to also offer also swords, starting with “Isegrimma” a sword displayed in a local museum at Grimma. Truely a project of heart!

Do you have questions for the Jester?

Contact the shop at info@jesterofblades.de