Jester of Blades is a brand developed from love and passion for bladesmithing and history.

The dream started at the age of 12, when Patrick first started constructing weapons in his parents’ basement. The first projects revolved around recreating famous weapons from computer games, but soon the work leaned more towards historical resources.

To aid his future work, Patrick decided to study mechanical engineering and use the knowledge in his workshop to create weapons he would be proud to use. As a HEMAist himself, he understands the needs and wishes of historical fencers. He only delivers products he tests himself while teaching at a German HEMA club, Blossfechter zu Chemnitz.

In the shop, you will find unique training weapons for your HEMA practise: aluminium sickles, daggers and dussacks made of wood or leather & aluminium (customer favourite!).

In future, the offer will also include swords, designed to fulfill specific needs of a fencer.

Do you have questions for the Jester?

Contact the shop at info@jesterofblades.de