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High end Aluminium Dussack simulator for training, sparring and mask free fencing

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These leather aluminum compound Dussacks are a novelty in the HEMA scene. I present you the result of a cooperation with Black Armoury in France – A product fully made in Europe! German made high quality, CNC machined skelettonized stabilizers from aluminum also used in aircraft sandwich a leather blade in between them. The leather blades are sewn in France using some of the highest quality leather available. The leather provides cushioning while the Aluminium gives the necessary rigidity to fence all your favourite pieces from your favourite dussack tratises like Paulus Hector Mair for example. Additionally the purposely rough leather edge is simulating the bite sharp blades have in the bind. Two threaded holes in the handle allow for upgrading your Dussack with handle scales you can either make yourself or buy at JoB in the near future.

In the times of Joachim Meyer, the Dussack was the training tool to introduce new people to the art of fencing or used during friendly games at the Fechtschule. Even now, we use wooden and synthetic Dussacks during HEMA training to practice techniques or have friendly bouts with our clubmates. These aluminium Dussacks are the next evolutionary step to that.


Overall length: 66 cm
Blade length: 52 cm
Handle length: 13 cm
Blade width at the base: 8 cm
Blade thickness: 10 mm
Point of Balance: ~13 cm from the hilt
Weight: ~560 g

Take a peak at the manufacturing process:

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