Mr. Bones Messertrainer for Langes Messer


Extravagant trainer for Langes Messer

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There are a variety of treatises on fencing with the Messer. Starting with the “Nürnberger Hausbuch (MS.3227a)” continuing with “Codex Wallerstein (Cod.I.6.4º.2)” and peaking in Johannes Lecküchners magnificent edition of 400 pieces (Cod.Pal.germ. 430, Cgm 582). Fighting with the Long knife or “Langes Messer” seemed to enjoy a lot of attention throughout the years.

This extravagant Messertrainer allows you to follow the footsteps of the aformentioned fencing masters. Built in the well-proven sandwich design this Messer will become a trustworthy companion in your HEMA training as well as your sparring sessions. The stabilizers are made from high strength aluminum also used in aircraft and the bone shapes really make it a looker! The Nagel is also made of the same aluminum and formed into the shape of a skull. The blade is made from leather simulating the bind feel of sharps, providing a 10mm cutting edge and a bit of damping. The tip bends in the trust absorbing force making it safer in your bouts.

The choice of material really makes this a high quality long lasting and very durable training weapon!

Overall length: 70,5cm
Blade length: 51cm
Handle length: 18cm
Edge thickness: 10mm
Weight: ~650g
Point of balance: 10cm in front of the cross

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