Wooden Dussack – Mair Style


Ash wood Dussacks based on depictions from Paulus Hector Mair.

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In the times of Joachim Meyer, the Dussack was the training tool to introduce new people to the art of fencing or used during friendly games at the Fechtschule. Even now, we use wooden and synthetic Dussacks during HEMA training to practise techniques or have friendly bouts with our clubmates.

Knowing how important Dussack is for the development of every historical fencer, we offer you german made high quality ash wood Dussacks, CNC machined and finished by hand. They are designed after depictions in Paulus Hector Mairs treatise. Only the strongest part of the wood get’s used to machine the Dussack, wich of course raises expenses for raw material but ensures longevity. The surface of the Dussack is polished with boiled linseed oil, which gives gentle sheen and maintains the weapon in a great condition. It is advised to oil the wooden training weapons every now and then to make sure they stay in great shape.


Overall length: 75 cm
Blade length: 61 cm
Handle length: 11.5 cm
Blade width at the base: 8 cm
Blade thickness: 2.5 cm
Point of Balance: 25 cm from the hilt
Weight: ~590 g

Take a peak at the manufacturing process:

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