Halberd Trainer – Meyer (Incl. Shaft)


Halberd Trainer for Polearm sparring

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This Halberd trainer based on the plates from Meyers treatise will serve you well for your HEMA training. It’s tuned to capture weight and dynamic behavior of extant originals and even comprises a tapered shaft. Like distal taper on training swords a tapered shaft will balance the head weight and make the Halberd trainer more dirigable.

The stabilizers for the blade, hook and langets of the halberd are machined out of high strength aluminum also used in aircraft to ensure maximum durability. Sandwiched in between the stabilizers are leather blades, that provide a thick cutting edge and a bit of give (once they are worn in). This style of construction provides more stability and therefore enables you to manipulate your opponent without slipping – contrary to what widespread rubber heads so often do. Tip and butt end are protected by 35mm rubber blunts wich allows for determined and well defined manipulation of your opponent without misplacing the thrust.


Overall length: 180-225cm (depending on your selected shaft length)
Edge thickness: 15mm
Point of balance: ~35-45cm below the head centerline (depending on your selected shaft length)

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Shaft length

220 cm, 175 cm

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