Shockdoctor Gel Max Mouthguard


Mouthguard for protecting your teeth and lips from blunt trauma

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The “Shockdoctor Gel Max Mouthguard” delivers essential protection and comfort. The triple layer mouthguard provides a universal fit for all ages. As a convinced user myself I have now decided to offer it on my shop.

  • Protection and comfort: The Gel-fit Liner Technology is the best in the market. Provides added comfort, protection for extended usage. Available in a variety of customized colors. Can be infused with flavors for pleasant taste!
  • Easy to breath and long lasting: Sits on the upper row of teeth. Allows for good breathing and even talking to some extent. I get around 3 years of use before replacing it for hygenic reasons.
  • Professional dental protection: Heavy duty Exoskeletal Shock Frame provides full mouth protection during the hardest impacts, protects cheek and tongue, teeth grinding, and secures teeth in place.
  • Ideal for most sports: Suitable for all contact sports where a mouth guard is required or recommended including football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, soccer, wrestling, boxing, and more!
  • $35,000 Dental Warranty by Shockdoctor
  • Mouthguard Warranty and Fit Instructions – Download

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